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Looking for a business hotel in Gwalior for corporate stay? Here's what you need to watch out for

Business trip in a new city sounds exciting and full of unlimited possibilities. Well, not all the time. Mostly, it is mundane and comes with big responsibility.

As the business face of your firm, you have to wake up at the crack of dawn to squeeze out the maximum from a day. In fact, you have to undertake many monotonous business trips to add more to the company’s revenue. It doesn’t matter how much you hate it, it’s essential for company’s survival in short and yours too.


As a representative of any corporate, it is necessary for you to choose your stay in a place that offers you a lucrative deal. Your stay is invaluable and beneficial for your company whenever you embark on any business trip.

In this era of massive and cut-throat competition, one needs to think a few steps ahead to rise and survive amidst all the noise. Keeping this in mind, choose your corporate stay to get the maximum out of your business trip. Don’t know how? Let’s enlighten you on what you need the most to get the most out any business trip:

Free/Reliable Wi-Fi

Undoubtedly, business travellers are heavy users of the internet. So an extremely fast and uninterrupted internet service is the first thing on a corporate travellers’ checklist. Getting it free of charge is an important and worthwhile proposition.

Location (in and around the business hub)

This is the most important aspect of any business trip. A location in the business hub of any city automatically becomes a preferred choice for corporates. Obviously, it makes it a lot easier and quicker to conduct a business meeting in and around a business hub, cuts down on travel time and helps you be more accessible in general.

Quick Turnaround Dry Cleaning

Most business travellers have left their backpacking days behind. Precisely, corporates prefer travelling light to make their movement quick. With lesser number of clothes for their meetups, they require to look sharp throughout their stay, so quick turnaround dry cleaning is essential to make it happen.

24/7 Housekeeping

Brainstorming over new ideas often goes on till the wee hours of the night. As a result, corporates may end up getting back late and may need their clothes ready for the next day, shoes polished, fresh towels, room cleaned and everything else required must be in place too. This is only possible with the help of 24/7 housekeeping. A quick and efficient housekeeping staff is highly appreciated among corporates.

Meeting/Conference Room with Multimedia Equipment

State-of-the-art multimedia facilities are of utmost priority to hold hassle-free meetings. A meeting place with a dedicated flat-screen monitor, speakers, microphones, LCD projectors and other audio-visual gadgets make meetings seamless and highly productive.

Full-Service Business Center

A place full-fledged with a printer, scanner, copier, fax machine and computers is what any business center requires. Services like them at one location are quintessential for any corporate traveller.

Airport Pickup and Drop-off

According to latest research, airport pickup and drop-off facilities are preferred by corporates as this makes it easier for them to meander through a new city’s routes.

It is often easier to narrow down the defined and specific needs of corporates. For a seamless and productive business trip, your choice of stay is most important.

Hotel Ramaya, located in the heart of Hi-Tech City in Gwalior is a renowned name that can provide the aforementioned facilities as per your expectations.

Choose wisely as the whole intention of any business trip is to generate more revenue for your ambitious firm. Ramaya hotel in Gwalior understands that any business trip has a monetary value attached to it, so every need is taken care of and every plan is meticulously executed here.

Hotel Ramaya invites all entrepreneurs to the city of Gwalior!